26 June 2009

summer scarf

I'll admit that the concept of a summer scarf is kind of ridiculous, but seeing as scarves are one of my very favorite accessories I still like to wear them even when it's 100 degrees out. There's something comforting about wearing one...they're sort of security blanket-like. Besides, my office is an icebox, so a scarf is definitely a better option than my old cardigan that lives on the back of my chair (& ruins my outfit every day when I'm forced to put it on).

This lovely scarf is by a talented Etsian that hails from Toronto, PrettyRaccoon. She does awesome screens (an anchor, owl, pistol, the Eiffel Tower, to name just a few) on the super long American Apparel jersey scarf. She also does amazing clothing & also has some vintage selections, too. I basically need to set aside my next paycheck for all the stuff I want from her shop.

necklace (that you can't really see):

burnout tee: Urban Outfitters, jeans: Madewell, shoes: Ciao Bella, bag: Rebecca Minkoff, scarf: PrettyRaccoon, cuff: street vendor, earrings: Eve M. Metalsmith, necklace: Erica Weiner

The Busiest Weekend Ever (thats its official name) starts tonight, so I probably won't post again until next week. Have a good one!


Anonymous said...

Our outfits have the same vibe today! I had a tank with scarf on this morning, but had a friggin hot flash in my closet...so I switched out my top and ditched the scarf. Once it cools off to the upper 90s I'll try again. ;)

See you manana!
xo, txshpr

Carole said...

Hi Erin, I "get" what you're saying about summer scarves, but somewhere along the way, all things have become "all seasons" --suede in summer, bare legs in winter a few years back, etc. I just hope we don't see bikinis in winter :) Still, you wear this scarf very well. I like the whole look. Enjoy your big weekend! Carole (sasy.com)

andrea said...

love the scarf