30 November 2011

you made me, promises promises

Oh hey there.  I'm going to do an outfit post like I said I was going to.  Wait what?  That was back in March? 


Moving on!  I bought these bright cobalt blue jeans from Old Navy in a moment of frivolity, and I haven't been quite sure what to do with them ever since.  They're hard to pair stuff with, at least for me.  All colors I've tried (in my head) seem too boring or too loud, until this camel sweater I picked up from Nordstrom:

Someone else wants to say 'hi' too, someone who is 10 months old today (how did that even happen?!?):

sweater: Trouve via Nordstrom, jeans: Old Navy, boots: Aldo, scarf: eBay, bow cuff: Etsy, necklace: self-made, baby: self-made :)