26 February 2010

ships -n- slips

Last night RULED.  I haven't had that much fun going out in a long time.  Rod, Bill, Sarah from Badder Homes & Gardens & I went to The Slip Inn which is my favorite the only place I will go out dancing in Dallas.  Old school hip hop on Thursdays = bliss.  I didn't sit my ass down once.  I also need to talk about Ships, i.e. my new favorite bar.  We went there before AND after Slip Inn - it's the definition of a hole in the wall, and it is AWESOME.  I love everything about it - the jukebox, nautical decor, bartender, cheap drinks, the patronage, which is a good mix of regulars and kids like us looking for a non-douchey bar that you can sit & have a conversation at.  The icing on the cake is that they only serve beer & wine, so you can BYOLiquor if you're so inclined.  Which I was. 

I wore this H&M number I picked up last time I was in Milwaukee (H&M, if you're listening, COME TO DALLAS):
close-up of what is officially my Ships Bag...'cause it's just big enough for mah flask:

dress: H&M, belt: Linea Pelle, booties: Sofft, bag: Sondra Roberts, earrings: Buffalo Exchange

Finally, gratuitous party shots.  We're a pointy bunch, apparently.
Faux grinding. And more pointing.
...and more pointing.

25 February 2010

best costume for the day ~ 2.25

Today's not terribly exciting ensemble:

sweater/tunic: Max Studio, jeans: M+O, boots: Kenneth Cole, cuff: flea market, earrings: Buffalo Exchange

In spite of this being NTE, I like it because a) it's comfortable as hell, and b) almost everything I'm wearing is really old.  I like it when I'm wearing something & it dawns on me that 'wow, I've had these boots for 8 years' (true story with these KCs).  I have plenty of trendy/throwaway things in my closet as well, but it's nice to realize I have pieces that have stood the test of time & were a good investment.  What oldies but goodies do you have in your closet?

In other news, tonight's outfit will be terribly exciting, because we're going out dancing.  And you always have to wear something exciting to da club.  Always.

I'M EXCITED AS HELL.  Stay tuned.

24 February 2010

public service announcement:

Go to the dentist regularly.  And floss your teeth, even though it sucks.  When you don't, bad things happen.  Bad things that HURT. 
I had to have Arestin shots in my gums today, where my wisdom teeth once were.  My entire mouth is throbbing, and I'm not enjoying life right now.  It's enough to make me a flossing convert FOR LIFE. 

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

best costume for the day ~ 2.24

I realized last week that I'm a Cardigan Junkie.  Cardigans are my easy, lazy, fail-safe layering crack, and the moment I realized this I knew I had to switch it up a bit.  Enter> this blazer:
Gail forced me to buy it in Albuquerque last weekend.  She forced me!  But I'm glad she did, because it's fantastic.

a close-up of les bijoux:
and a closer-up shot of Life Changing Lipstick, MAC Rebel.  I loooooove this shade, y'all, and it stays put like nobody's business.
blazer: Calvin Klein, top: M+O (also worn here), jeans: Levis, shoes: Dolce Vita, necklace: Haute Hardware, bracelet: Liz Claiborne, ring: Fleathers, bag: Rebecca Minkoff 

23 February 2010

best costume for the day ~ 2.23

I realized I hadn't worn this Karoo wrap dress in nearly two winters, and today I figured out why:  It's always felt like more of a cardigan than a dress to me.  So voila - today it's a cardigan:
cardigan: Karoo, shirt: F21, jeans: Martin + Osa, boots: Frye, bag: Hayden Harnett, scarf: CrystalJ on Etsy, earrings: Eve M. Metalsmith on Etsy

...and THE best part of today's outfit, my new Fleathers octopus ring:
Finally, because it was on my camera and making me drool all over again, the Ghirardelli molten lava cakes I made for Valentine's Day:

22 February 2010


My world screeched to a halt this morning, and it's all because of Anomaly Jewelry:

The Stan pendant kills me.

And on the back of all of them:

Anomaly, you complete me.
I have "Gotta Get You Into My Life" (Earth Wind & Fire version) looping through my head. I am a serious GG fan, and WILL find a way to make these mine. 

The Girls are available on her website (link above), and she's also on Etsy

I need a raise.

19 February 2010


My favorite show of all time** taught me that it's cheaper & easier just to buy stuff, but I will DIY 'til I die.  I got a truckload of studs yesterday from studsandspikes.com, and this was my first project:

This was my mama's clutch, and it's got some stories to tell.  There's a lot of wear to the leather and possibly some spots where drinks got spilled on it, but that makes me love it even more.  Two rows of gunmetal studs make me love it EVEN MORE still.
I'm heading out now to grab my stuff and head to Albuquerque to see my girl, Gail.  Gail, if you're reading, I may or may not have studs & practice bags in tow, so be prepared to bedazzle this weekend.  I think I'd get chucked off of the plane for bringing the awl, so I hope you have an ice pick (or something we can poke holes with). 

**Craft Corner Deathmatch.  Check out a few lone episodes on vimeo.com.  That's vimeo with an "m". 

earn your stripes

I never thought I'd be saying this in my Texas life, but I am tired of cold weather.  I think this is the first time in my (nearly) 5 years here that we've had a real winter, and I'm ready for it to be over.  I'm ready for bare legs, sandals, and all of the stripey, nautical awesomeness that is hitting stores right now. 
I'm wearing the above today - Merona Draped Collar Pullover from Target in Navy/Polar Bear.  It's a gauzy, lightweight blend of cotton & poly - I love it. 

F21 Heritage 1981 Knit Stripes Dress.  This is adorable & must be sought out for $14.90.

Martin + Osa Maritime Chevron Maxi.  I've been lusting after this ever since it showed up in their spring lookbook.

Urban Outfitters BDG Long Sleeve Striped PE Cardigan.  This cardi or something like it is on my spring/summer wishlist.

Have you been on L.L. Bean's website lately?  I don't know if I ever had until recently, but I'm glad I stumbled in.  A couple favorites from their nautical lookbook:

Finally, no pining-for-summer post would be complete without mentioning these old favorites of mine:

Sperry Topsiders.  Mine are actually navy patent, but I couldn't find a photo so this will do.

Oh, and HI readers, if there are any of you left out there.  I can't say for sure that my blogging hiatus is over, but I will say that I'm going to try.  I've been a combo of busy, lazy, and trying to decide what direction to take this blog in.  I love fashion, but I'm not entirely sure that fashion blogging is for me.  I like having a forum to showcase my creative outlets, but there are long periods of time when I don't create jack.  So we'll see what happens.  But for those of you who are still tuned in, thank you for your loyalty, even though I don't deserve it.  :)