26 February 2010

ships -n- slips

Last night RULED.  I haven't had that much fun going out in a long time.  Rod, Bill, Sarah from Badder Homes & Gardens & I went to The Slip Inn which is my favorite the only place I will go out dancing in Dallas.  Old school hip hop on Thursdays = bliss.  I didn't sit my ass down once.  I also need to talk about Ships, i.e. my new favorite bar.  We went there before AND after Slip Inn - it's the definition of a hole in the wall, and it is AWESOME.  I love everything about it - the jukebox, nautical decor, bartender, cheap drinks, the patronage, which is a good mix of regulars and kids like us looking for a non-douchey bar that you can sit & have a conversation at.  The icing on the cake is that they only serve beer & wine, so you can BYOLiquor if you're so inclined.  Which I was. 

I wore this H&M number I picked up last time I was in Milwaukee (H&M, if you're listening, COME TO DALLAS):
close-up of what is officially my Ships Bag...'cause it's just big enough for mah flask:

dress: H&M, belt: Linea Pelle, booties: Sofft, bag: Sondra Roberts, earrings: Buffalo Exchange

Finally, gratuitous party shots.  We're a pointy bunch, apparently.
Faux grinding. And more pointing.
...and more pointing.


Celine said...

Erin, you look so cute - I love that H&M dress. Now that I live down South I really miss H&M :) The bar sounds awesome too

The Bagboy said...

DAMN we're an awesome bunch.

Sarah said...

If they could just stick a good karaoke joint between Ships and Slip Inn the neighborhood would be perfect.

haute hardware said...

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

Eve M Metalsmith said...

LOVE the Slip Inn!
I was just talking to someone a few days ago about how I miss the Thursdays old school hip hop nights there...used to go almost weekely back in 2003-2004 ;o)

Sista VanZ said...

I look forward to having that Inn slip me something.

Anonymous said...

what a cute dress! i love the color of the dress, and it looks great belted. i also love your black leather jacket in the last photo. looks like a really fun night. ~joelle