22 December 2009

tuesday shoes-day

Today is all about the shoes.  I scored these Valentino d'orsay pumps on sale after much, much stalking, but haven't busted them out due to cold weather &/or lack of polish on my toes.  Today was pretty much my last opportunity to wear them in 2009 - it's pretty mild out, and in 2 days I'll be headed to Wisconsin where it will be anything but mild.  I kept the rest of my outfit fairly simple:

...and the piece de resistance:

Major swoon units *sigh*. 
details:  shoes: Valentino, top: Ya-Ya, cardi: Alternative Apparel, jeans: Jordache, bag: Rebecca Minkoff, earrings:  Untamed Menagerie

On second thought, maybe I'll bust out these shoes on Friday with red tights.  Would that be too much?

09 December 2009

Advocate Magazine

Advocate Magazine, a local publication to the DFW area, did a great series of articles for the December issue featuring Etsy sellers in their respective neighborhood editions.  There's a mug you may recognize on the cover of the web edition:

www.advocatemag.com Preston Hollow Magazine - COVER STORY: Think Outside the Gift Box

I had no idea - I'm so honored!  I have yet to see the print copy, but I heard from a customer (that found me via the article, no less) that it's a two page spread.  I'm so excited, AND already getting business from it.  Holla.  Thank you Advocate for the Etsy love!

08 December 2009

oh hi, i'm hollywood steve...

...and you've caught me not wearing jeans and a t-shirt.**

My office is officially a business casual office, but we're also a small'ish sales office that for most intents & purposes is self-governed, so 90% of the time management decides to let us go casual. This is great for my laziness, but bad for the majority of my closet. Part of the reason I haven't posted an outfit in about a million years is because I've been in some variation of jeans & a tee/sweater/tee & cardigan combo. Not exciting. Today I decided to switch it up again in a green ombre Theory number:

dress & cardi: Theory, shoes: Givenchy, tights: Limited (I think? they are OLD)

**The title and first line of this post are a Yacht Rock reference. For those of you not familiar, click here immediately & prepare for your life to be changed for the better.