27 May 2009

love 21

I decided to put my differences with Forever 21 aside when they came out with their new "contemporary" (whatever that means) Love 21 line. Apparently they were going for a more grown up approach with this line, and as it turned out there were quite a few things that appealed to this 30-year-old. This was my favorite of the two dresses I got:

dress: Love 21, shoes: Dr. Scholl, bag: Handmaid by Michelle Franz, belt: vintage, earrings: Haute Hardware

I think this dress looks like a million bucks when in fact it was only $22. It's also much better in person than I thought it would be. I did have to replace the belt that came with it with my own, but I almost always do that when there's a self-belt involved (Gail, can I get a witness?).

I'll post the other dress as well as the maxi I got (from the regular F21 line) when I wear them. I also got a grey tank to bump me up to free shipping status, but it's not terribly exciting. What is exciting, or rather amazing, is that 4 out of 4 items from my order were winners. That almost never happens...I may have to reevaluate my relationship with that store.

22 May 2009

Sweater Boots

Let me go on record that these are the most ridiculous shoes that I own. They're booties, with a peep toe, with a SWEATER PANEL built into the front. I don't get them, which is probably why I love them. I also really dug almost every picture from this morning, which almost never happens:

shoes: Georgina Goodman, jeans: Yanuk, top: Vince, bag: Rebecca Minkoff, scarf: Hayden Harnett, necklace: Haute Hardware, bangles: F21

I'm chuffed that it's Friday, y'all, and it's a long weekend. Have fun & be safe, everyone!

21 May 2009


Yesterday my friend Greg saw a pair of topsiders on a teenage kid and asked me if those weren't old man shoes. I explained that they were actually some of the coolest shoes ever, and then remembered that I had a navy patent pair. I also explained that just beneath the surface of my regular style lies a wannabe New England prepster that's just dying to get out, which is why I'm so fond of such things. So I *had* to wear my Topsiders today, and figured I might as well go all out with my Nantucket tee and whale belt (on loan from Rod):

shoes: Sperry Topsiders, jeans: Old Navy, belt: JCrew, Nantucket tee: thrifted, bag: Rebecca Minkoff, cardi: Martin+Osa

I was tempted to wear a necklace similar to this one in my shop, but decided against it. But it goes with the theme of the post so I'm posting it!

20 May 2009

Happiness is a Red Dress

I don't have a lot to say about today's outfit except I love this Martin + Osa dress that I just picked up. I think this coral-y red is one of the best colors on me & I just feel good wearing it.

dress: Martin + Osa, shoes: Anne Klein, belt: Max Mara, bag: Hoakon/Helga

19 May 2009

Great Success

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Etsy Spring Bash on Saturday. It was a really great day for me & the Haute Hardware crew, and the whole Etsy Dallas team based on the feedback I've gotten. Even though it was sauna-like at times in the South Side building, we had a steady stream of shoppers all day long. Here are a couple shots of my booth:
One of my BFFs & bestest helpers, Bill, looking excited! He really was, he was probably just burning up.

Semi-related to the show is my outfit today, or at least the top half which I got on Saturday from the fabulous Megan of Harrilu. I really can't leave a show without at least one of her tops, and this one (printed on the v. flattering Alternative Apparel Debbie tee) may be my favorite yet. This is the 3rd time I've worn it since I got it on Saturday!

top: Harrilu, jeans: Habitual, bag: Rachel Nasvik, shoes: Worishofer, necklace: Haute Hardware, earrings: Kris Nations TX hoops

14 May 2009


Last night's dress (I'm in a dress mood this week, can you tell?) is from none other than Newport News. I've had surprisingly good dress luck with that site. This number was featured in Lucky last month, and it was one of those things where I set down my magazine immediately & went & ordered it. It fits me like a glove.
At this point in the photo-taking, one of my upstairs neighbors walked across the skywalk (i.e. the other place I take pictures), saw me posing, and yelled "AOOOOOOWWWWW!" I'm not sure I'm typing that out right, but imagine Joan Jett's yell in "I Hate Myself for Loving You." My friend Erin makes this noise all the time, too. Anyway, I've never met or seen this neighbor in my life, but she totally catcalled me & it sorta made my night! It definitely made me smile:
And then it made me crack up hysterically:

dress: Newport News, belt: Gap, shoes, Nine West, clutch: Lauren Merkin, necklace: Early Jewelry

I wore this dress to our anniversary dinner last night, and it was comfy and stayed up properly. That's always a risk with strapless. It has boning (hehe) throughout the top, so it pretty much stays put with minimal hoisting/adjusting. All for $30 & change...score.

13 May 2009

This town is so glamorous

My dress today has been waiting even longer than the BR one in my last post to make its debut. It's overcast today but still warm, so it was time. It's also Rod's & my 3 year anniversary today, and he got me one of my favorite albums that for some reason I didn't own, The Go-Go's Beauty and the Beat. Three years ago today we saw The Go-Go's on our first date, and they played this album in its entirety since it was the 25th anniversary of its release. So that album is now 28 years old, and no less awesome than the day it came out. Anyway, the album cover and the print of the dress kind of compliment each other, don't you think??

Fabric close-up (it's all kinds of girly powder room stuff!):

dress: Hayden Harnett, shoes: Botkier

And last but not least, that album wasn't my only anniversary present. Behold:

Rod got me this green amethyst ring to go with my wedding jewelry, but I get to wear it NOW...how great is that? He's a keeper.

Hi Mom!

Unfortunately I couldn't be with my moms for Mother's Day, but this is what I wore:

dress: Banana Republic, bag: Latico, shoes: Aerosoles, necklace: giant Etsy locket on my own chain

I've been waiting patiently to bust out this Banana Republic dress that I got a few weeks ago. The weather really has been fickle around these parts...normally it'd be pushing 100 degrees already. Believe me, I'm not complaining, but I was glad for a warm day to wear this dress.

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the moms out there! Mwah!

11 May 2009

Etsy Dallas Spring Bash

It's almost here! Etsy Dallas's first ever Spring Bash is coming up this Saturday, so Dallasites, get your fine selves down to the South Side on Lamar building between 11 & 5. I'll be there with tons o' new Hardware I've been slaving away over, as well as 50+ other awesome Etsy crafters. Preview them on the Etsy Dallas Blog.

Hope to see you there!