13 May 2009

This town is so glamorous

My dress today has been waiting even longer than the BR one in my last post to make its debut. It's overcast today but still warm, so it was time. It's also Rod's & my 3 year anniversary today, and he got me one of my favorite albums that for some reason I didn't own, The Go-Go's Beauty and the Beat. Three years ago today we saw The Go-Go's on our first date, and they played this album in its entirety since it was the 25th anniversary of its release. So that album is now 28 years old, and no less awesome than the day it came out. Anyway, the album cover and the print of the dress kind of compliment each other, don't you think??

Fabric close-up (it's all kinds of girly powder room stuff!):

dress: Hayden Harnett, shoes: Botkier

And last but not least, that album wasn't my only anniversary present. Behold:

Rod got me this green amethyst ring to go with my wedding jewelry, but I get to wear it NOW...how great is that? He's a keeper.


Penny said...

That is very, very pretty...not to mention that I loved that album as a kid.

Rod said...


This post just made my day! :)

haute hardware said...

YOU made my day! And you're a great photog. :D

Anonymous said...

You guys are so sweet!!!! I thought your first date was the sweaty day with Gavin?!

xo, cass

Alannah said...

What an awesome story! That ring is amazing & the dress looks fantastic!

Happy Anniversary!

chrystalyn said...

j'adore the dress! great print.