22 May 2009

Sweater Boots

Let me go on record that these are the most ridiculous shoes that I own. They're booties, with a peep toe, with a SWEATER PANEL built into the front. I don't get them, which is probably why I love them. I also really dug almost every picture from this morning, which almost never happens:

shoes: Georgina Goodman, jeans: Yanuk, top: Vince, bag: Rebecca Minkoff, scarf: Hayden Harnett, necklace: Haute Hardware, bangles: F21

I'm chuffed that it's Friday, y'all, and it's a long weekend. Have fun & be safe, everyone!


The Bagboy said...

For some reason I love that you own shoes I would need an instruction manual to understand.

Alannah said...

Ooh, this is really cute. I definitely need close-up pictures of the shoes though!

Penny said...

Oh, I love, love, love...very Parisian to me.