27 May 2009

love 21

I decided to put my differences with Forever 21 aside when they came out with their new "contemporary" (whatever that means) Love 21 line. Apparently they were going for a more grown up approach with this line, and as it turned out there were quite a few things that appealed to this 30-year-old. This was my favorite of the two dresses I got:

dress: Love 21, shoes: Dr. Scholl, bag: Handmaid by Michelle Franz, belt: vintage, earrings: Haute Hardware

I think this dress looks like a million bucks when in fact it was only $22. It's also much better in person than I thought it would be. I did have to replace the belt that came with it with my own, but I almost always do that when there's a self-belt involved (Gail, can I get a witness?).

I'll post the other dress as well as the maxi I got (from the regular F21 line) when I wear them. I also got a grey tank to bump me up to free shipping status, but it's not terribly exciting. What is exciting, or rather amazing, is that 4 out of 4 items from my order were winners. That almost never happens...I may have to reevaluate my relationship with that store.


Penny said...

I know how you feel about Forever21...I haven't seen there new line but if your dress is an indication...it looks like there's going to be some very interesting pieces...just like the one you're wearing....very lady like.

The Hungry Fashionista said...

Cute outfit! I love the dress. F21 does have some hidden gems, and you definitely found one. Now I'm excited to hit up F21 tomorrow :)

I also love the shoes. They look too stylish to be Dr. Scholls ;)

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.