02 June 2009

chain chain chain

Today's outfit is pretty much a backdrop for my accessories. I picked up this set of vintage chains which was originally three 60" chains in a row. I just switched it up a little & draped them at different lengths to create something a little more interesting. The giant stone necklace is a separate piece that I made. First, the whole picture:


Since you can't see them in any of the photos, I had to get a close-up of my new earrings by the lovely Eve of evemmetalsmith:
I did a small show on Sunday where I got to meet & chat with Eve & ogle her gorgeous jewelry. She actually traded me for a pair of my tusk earrings, which I hope she's enjoying just as much. I haven't taken these off since I got 'em, apart from sleeping.
And finally, for Alannah & other inquiring minds, a close-up of the crazy sweater boots from a few posts back!
jeans: Habitual, top: American Apparel, booties: Georgina Goodman, bag: Rebecca Minkoff, necklaces: Haute Hardware & reworked vintage, earrings: Eve M


Penny said...

You look super cool in this outfit...from the updo, jewels, to boots....love it!

Work With What You've Got said...

In that third pic, you look like you are warming up for ballet.


Looking gooooood. As per usual.

Alannah said...

I love that dance-y pose! So graceful. <3 Thanks for the closeup--the booties are awesome! That heel is so tiny & high--wow!

Love your hair like that too. You just rock it all!