18 June 2009

before & after

Another thrift store find today, although this one needed a bit of help. Actually a lot. I found these crazy 90s (I think?) wide leg pants & fell in love with the print. They were four sizes too big for me (not exaggerating), but I still saw potential in them & scarfed them up for all of $5. My first idea was to turn them into a harem'ish pant, and I tried doing so by pleating the bottoms into a peg. I also added a belt since again, they were huge. This was the result:
I'll admit that looking at them now, they're not as bad as I'd originally thought. But nor are they anything I would probably ever wear out of the house, so I went to plan B - making them into a skirt. Behold:
I know it's my own handiwork, but I am patting myself on the back for this one. I truly love this skirt! And the best part is that I didn't have to change on the top part - I liked the pleating & *really* liked the pockets, so I just took out the inseams, did some trimming & then sewed it up & hemmed. It was a 30-minute sewing project, tops, and I'm so pleased with it.

Just for fun, another shades pic. I love these shades, even though they look like I stole them from a 14-year-old outside of a Forever21. This style has been heavily replicated recently, but these are the real deal by Laura Biagiotti. I got them from an eBay seller who had a bunch of 80s vintage deadstock sunglasses. Score.

Close-up of my bracelets today, the print, and my latest favorite polish, Orly Chica-Boom:

skirt: thrifted & modified by moi, top: no-name, shoes: Bally, bag: Rebecca Minkoff, belt: Linea Pelle, knot cuff: street vendor/Miami, leather cuff: Craisfrod Leather on Etsy, shades: Laura Biagiotti, earrings: Eve M. Metalsmith on Etsy


Tina said...

Thanks for posting the before and after pictures. I love seeing how other people transform their thrift store finds into something new and different. I usually just hem the skirts to a decent length, but right now I have a couple of dresses that are undergoing massive transformations. I would love to see any more modifications that you make on future purchases too.

For what is's worth (and I can't believe I am saying this, b/c I hate harem pants) I thought your pants look was great too. Probably the sort of thing to be worn once. So it's even more bang for your buck that you got pants and then a skirt from you find.

Also, your bracelets are to die for.

Eve M Metalsmith said...

Precious, just precious.

One question...how do you have the time?!?!? I dearly wish I had time to be as creative as you ;o)

Penny said...

I have that same top and I absolutely love it. What first attracted me to it was how it it resembled some of the details I see in 40's dresses. That skirt is absoutely darling too...you did an awesome job...though I must admit that you looked cool with the pant version of it too.
Lastly, those shoes are fab! I'm always a sucker for a good pair of red heels.

Work With What You've Got said...

I did like the pants, but the skirt is better. So you win!~ ;D

I also love that you are doing deatil shots now, boo!~

Carole said...

Erin Jean, Hi there! I have been trying to get over here for the last couple of days, but didn't make it until today. I have to say, your blog was worth the wait! I adore 70s style (the BEST decade in fashion IMO)and you do it so well -- your "thrifty" finds are outstanding. I also love that pink bow skirt -- I have a black one, but yours is much cuter. And in *this* post, the color combination in the second outfit of navy, kelly, and red is just perfect. Plus it's way cool that you reworked those pants. I will definitely be back. TTYL, Carole (sasy.com)