08 June 2009


This weekend we went to Bread Winners for brunch (yum), and on the way there we saw on the marquee at Dr. Delphinium (basically the most gorgeous floral shop, ever) that peonies were on sale. So we took a spin back there after stuffing ourselves & got these:
I love my outfit today, but wasn't much in the mood for picture-taking. My cardi today matches the peonies, so that kind of ties this whole random post together. I had a moment of weakness at the JCrew outfit yesterday, so I'm pretty much head-to-toe JCrew, apart from the shoes & bag.
outfit: JCrew, shoes: Hype, bag: Rebecca Minkoff

I also bought new running shoes at the outlet mall. I needed them in a bad way since Rod & I are training for a 20K in September (that's over 12 miles...zoinks), but I really dislike dropping serious cash on practical shoes. I don't bat an eye buying impractical shoes, but those are much more fun. But I digress. I got Nike Shox that I will eventually install that nifty device that communicates how far & fast I'm running to my iPhone, and the insoles and arch support pretty much feel like I'm running on pillows. They put my old, cheap New Balance pair to shame!

Now I HAVE to run this 20K. Damnit, that purchase backfired, didn't it?


Rod Cruz said...

HUGE fan of the glasses! *wink*

Anonymous said...

Which outlet did you go to?!?! I hope not Allen, bc that means you passed right by me!! Those cropped pants look really cute on you. And in yet another thing we have in common...I am obsessed with peonies. To the point that I planted one a year or two ago in my front yard in hopes of one day having my own! (I swear they grew wild, huge bushes of them, in Nashville!)

--txshopper ;)

Eve M Metalsmith said...

i think you look quite adorable in the jcrew ;o)

don't own any myself, but then again i couldn't pull it off like you can ;o)