04 June 2009

el oh el

Yes people, I've purchased a jumpsuit. I'm already thinking ahead to my Puerto Rico wardrobe for October, and when I saw this in the Newport News catalog (yes, I ordered AGAIN) & had a 30% off code that made this baby $14, I decided I needed it for PR. And then it seemed perfect for going out to dinner last night as well:
Close-up of HH necklace & my Eve earrings that I can't stop wearing!
I'm sorry, but you simply cannot wear a garment like this without doing a 1985 Spiegel catalog-esque pose (note the popped collar):

jumpsuit: Newport News, shoes: Loeffler Randall for Target, necklace: Haute Hardware, earrings: Eve M

I do have a penchant for the ridiculous, and this piece definitely falls into that category. But it's also ridiculously comfortable & easy to wear (trips to the restroom are a different story :/). Also, unstyled (i.e. with legs & sleeves unrolled) it kind of resembles a Meineke uniform, so that's good to have on hand in the event of a career change.


Adrienne said...

Hi! Love the jumpsuit hehe and the last pose! How long ago did you get those shoes from target?? THeyre something i've been looking for, for a while! Thanks.


haute hardware said...

Hey Adrienne! Thanks for your comment. It's been a little over a year since I got the shoes, but I still see them turn up on eBay every now & again. It's worth a try!

Alannah said...

That's adorable and I'm jealous you can totally pull the jumpsuit off. I saw a really cute one the other day and there's NO WAY I could wear it. I'll just admire yours!

vanessa said...

I have a jumpsuit i got from the Target Go! International collection last summer and i LOVE it. It especially looks good with the front unbuttoned to the waist and tank underneath.