29 October 2010

[haute hardware] yo, it's about that time

Yes, to bring forth the rhythm & the rhyme, but also to mark your calendars for some super sweet handmade local shopping at the Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash.  It's coming up with a quickness on Saturday, November 20th, so start saving your pennies and cashing out your Christmas Club NOW.
There's something for everyone at the Bash, and if you don't believe me, just take a few minutes to peruse this year's Artists.   As for me, I get almost as excited about shopping this show as I do about my own booth.  Here are just a few things I'm loving from my first (of many) pre-shopping excursions on Etsy:

T-shirts from Dowdy Studios for Rod, since they're all he wears (just ask Dylan, pictured).  And I can steal them whilst pregnant:

And of course I've been a busy bee with Haute Hardware preparations - stay tuned for previews of some brand new stuffs in the upcoming weeks!

22 October 2010

[haute mama] w26d1 ~ it's friday, i'm in love

The weather still can't seem to decide whether it wants to be summer or fall, so it's a good time for in-betweener clothing.  Such as a sweater dress (or tunic, if you're stretching it over a bump) with short sleeves.  In most climates something like this would be useless, but in Texas "fall" it works.

I couldn't resist taking the YSL cage heels for another spin while the weather permits.  I will surely get a lot of crap from the mother hens in my office for wearing these crazy high shoes.  They all think I'm going to spontaneously fall over every time I'm in something other than flats.  It's sweet of them to worry, but as my wardrobe gets more & more functional, I'm not ready to give up ridiculous shoes just yet. 
dress/tunic: Banana Republic, jeans: Loved by Heidi Klum, shoes: YSL, cuff: Marc Jacobs, necklace: Kohl's, leather pyramid ring: Ted Rossi

Today's lipstick is a brand spankin' new one that arrived yesterday by way of eBay.  eBay is good (or highly dangerous, depending on how you look at it) for feeding beauty addictions since you can almost always** find better-than-retail deals on overpriced cosmetics.  This gorgeous red is from the perfectly formulated Chanel Rouge Coco collection.  It's called Gabrielle, and it's a true, bright (but not too bright) red with just a hint of orange to it.  It's not a frost, but it does have the slightest bit of shimmer to it if you look really closely.  It applies and wears effortlessly, which can't be said for all bold reds.  All in all a winner, and at almost 40% off of retail to boot!
Chanel Rouge Coco - Gabrielle

**I *still* can't find the new Tom Ford lipsticks on eBay or anywhere, for that matter, below retail.  And at $45 a pop, I need to hold out for a deal!  If you can find me a deal on these, I will send you a pony.  Or even a unicorn. 

21 October 2010

[haute mama] w25d7 ~ she's a brick...house

So I'm definitely to the point where there's no mistaking my "condition" (I love that euphemism), which is pretty fun for me.  I've graduated from that 'is she pregnant or is she just packing it on' phase, and you wouldn't believe how many perfect strangers want to talk to me about being pregnant.  I've also been fortunate enough SO FAR to not have anyone make stupid, insensitive remarks (I'm bracing myself for the day that that happens...and I know it will).  People generally are just really excited about pregnant women and want to talk to you.  I like that.   

All that said, I think today's dress makes me look even pregnant-er than I am!  Which is just fine, I just didn't realize how mighty mighty I looked until I saw the pics.  In theory this is the perfect cut dress - it's not maternity, but it might as well be - but I think the length makes it a little (or a lot) "tent-y" with a bump.  It'd probably look sassier at knee length, pregnant or not.  Maybe one day I'll get it tailored, but for now, here it is, as-is:

dress: eight*sixty, tank: Liz Lange, bag: Hayden Harnett, shoes: Ciao Bella, necklace: Early Jewelry, earrings: Haute Hardware, scarf (on bag): Junko Koshino

I don't know if I can chalk this up to pregnancy or not, but I've developed a little bit of a lipstick obsession as of late.  Actually, I decided I prefer lipsticks to glosses about a year ago, but the sheer obsession has definitely heightened since becoming knocked up.  Lipstick still fits even when nothing else does, and it's cheaper than a  handbag.  In most cases.  Anyway, I figured why not highlight what I'm wearing on my lips as well?  Sometimes it's the most exciting part of my daily ensemble.

Today I'm wearing MAC Party Line from the Cremesheen collection.  It's a red-toned plum, and although it looks dark in the tube, it can be worn fairly sheer, or built up for a more vampy effect.  The Cremesheen formula is moisturizing and wears well - my morning application lasted me until lunch and still looked great. 

Not that I need to add to my lipstick want list, but I'm curious to know, what lipstick(s) are you loving currently?  

19 October 2010

[bon voyage] puerto rico

I must have remained in vacation mode even after we got back - sorry for the nearly two week hiatus!  Our trip was beyond wonderful, and oh so relaxing.  Just what I needed.  We spent most of it on the beach, by the pool, wandering the streets of Old San Juan, eating delicious food, and lounging at the lovely El Convento where we got married.  If you're ever in San Juan, you seriously need to consider staying there.  It's beautiful, charming, romantic, and has an amazing history.  It's like staying in a different era, yet with all the luxuries of a modern boutique hotel.  I'm so glad we chose to stay there, since there was a lot I missed in the hubub of the wedding last year!

From here, I'll let the photos do the talking, starting with the view from our hotel room:

Garden in front of the hotel:

I met another expecting mama!

 At the pool at La Concha:

Parque de las Palomas (Pigeon Park) - we loved these little pigeon "garages":

Streets of Old San Juan

At the beach, and possibly my favorite shot of the bunch - Rod was jumping in the waves just as the Policia was cruising by!

More bonding with the natives - this guy loved garnish food from the pool bar!

*deep breath* I never thought I'd see the day I posted a swimsuit shot on here, but I really love this photo.  It stormed for a bit and then we got a rainbow:

Anniversary night - Rod wore his wedding duds (awww! sadly, wearing my dress was not an option :), and we ate at an amazing restaurant called Marmalade.  

On our final night, we took a walk down the lovely Paseo de la Princesa:

One last stroll through Old San Juan before we took off.  

Ahhh, I wish I could be back there right now.  Thanks for reliving our vacation with me!

07 October 2010

[haute mama] w23d7 ~ leather & lace

Happy Thursday, y'all.  One day closer to the weekend, one day closer to Puerto Rico for me (can you tell I'm excited?).

Today is a business dress day at our office, something almost as rare as a solar eclipse.  I took advantage and finally busted out these skinny black pants that I scored at Motherhood.  I was searching high & low for something in this exact silhouette, in black, and there they were one day when I wasn't even looking for them (of course), the very last pair on the clearance rack, in my size. 
This top also came from a clearance rack (at Kohl's).  It's not maternity, but it's nice and long and has a little bit of stretch to it.  I love the lace pocket detail.
That's where the bargain bonanza ends, I'm afraid.  But my shoes were on sale at least.
I love a pop of color with black & white, and the emerald green is a little bit more unexpected (in my opinion) than red, for example. 

top: Lauren Conrad/Kohl's, pants: Motherhood, shoes: Valentino, necklace: Kohl's

This will probably be my last post until after our vacation.  See you next week with some photos from la isla bonita!

06 October 2010

[haute mama] w23d1 ~ fall for it

I'm a little behind on posting, as this outfit is actually from last Friday.  In addition to the standard fare (work), I had a hair cut and dinner plans.  I don't know about you, but I always want to dress up a bit for the salon, even though I'm covered by a cape most of the time I'm there.  I went to a new place by my office, Avalon, and I'm really pleased with it.  Plus, you can't usually go wrong when they're putting Aveda products up in your hair.

I usually make the mistake of getting my hair cut on a day where I have nothing going on, or worse, I'm going to yoga or something and end up tying it back.  This time I made sure I went on a day that my salon hair wouldn't be wasted.  Rod & I met my good friend Cassie of Hi Sugarplum and her lovely family for Thai food and lots of laughs.

This is another Old Navy maternity find, and I'm really happy with it.  It's so well made - the knit is really thick & sturdy, unlike most budget sweater dresses I've encountered.  It's still a *little* warm for sweater dresses and knee socks and boots, but I'm hoping I can will fall to get here for real by dressing for it.

 dress: Old Navy, boots: Dr. Scholl, necklace: House of Harlow, socks: Target

In other news, we're leaving for Puerto Rico in two short days!  It's actually been a whole year since we got married (can you believe it?), and we're returning to where it all happened to celebrate our anniversary.  I can hardly wait to be back here:
or here...

04 October 2010

[haute mama] w22d6 ~ olive you

I don't have much to say about this ensemble except that I felt really good in it, and none of it is maternity.  My American Apparel pencil skirts have been really good to me throughout this pregnancy, and I'm happy they still fit.  I'm also happy that they spring back to their original shape in the wash, so I can still wear them later.  The top was a super clearance find during one of my trips to Albuquerque to visit Gail.  I was so dazzled by the price that I bought it a couple sizes big, and while it looks a little sloppy non-pregnant, it suits me really well right now.
Eek, super washed out face in the next photos. Sorry 'bout that!  

 top: LAMB, skirt: American Apparel, bag: Lauren Merkin, shoes: Bally, earrings: Art Street in Green Bay

Speaking of photo quality, although this camera has served us really, really well over the years, we are planning on investing in a better one before el bebe arrives.  Any reader recommendations?  We're thinking SLR.

01 October 2010

[haute mama] w22d5 ~ get booted

These boots were a birthday moolah purchase (thanks, Mom & Dad!), and I'm loving them.  I wanted in on the military-inspired footwear trend, but in a more subtle way, and these were the ticket.  The taupe color plus the non-chunky soles make these really wearable for me.
I also want to talk about these jeans and my love affair with Old Navy Maternity.  I bought these on a whim because they were $20, and they ended up being the most comfortable pair that I own.  They're also a size 2 which is nice for my self esteem right now!  They just have a regular (albeit stretchy) waistband, which makes them feel more like normal jeans.  I'll probably get some mileage out of them the first few months post-pregnancy for this reason.

boots: Seychelles, jeans: Old Navy, blazer: Calvin Klein, tee: Ya-Ya, cuff: Hi-Fi Jewelry