22 October 2010

[haute mama] w26d1 ~ it's friday, i'm in love

The weather still can't seem to decide whether it wants to be summer or fall, so it's a good time for in-betweener clothing.  Such as a sweater dress (or tunic, if you're stretching it over a bump) with short sleeves.  In most climates something like this would be useless, but in Texas "fall" it works.

I couldn't resist taking the YSL cage heels for another spin while the weather permits.  I will surely get a lot of crap from the mother hens in my office for wearing these crazy high shoes.  They all think I'm going to spontaneously fall over every time I'm in something other than flats.  It's sweet of them to worry, but as my wardrobe gets more & more functional, I'm not ready to give up ridiculous shoes just yet. 
dress/tunic: Banana Republic, jeans: Loved by Heidi Klum, shoes: YSL, cuff: Marc Jacobs, necklace: Kohl's, leather pyramid ring: Ted Rossi

Today's lipstick is a brand spankin' new one that arrived yesterday by way of eBay.  eBay is good (or highly dangerous, depending on how you look at it) for feeding beauty addictions since you can almost always** find better-than-retail deals on overpriced cosmetics.  This gorgeous red is from the perfectly formulated Chanel Rouge Coco collection.  It's called Gabrielle, and it's a true, bright (but not too bright) red with just a hint of orange to it.  It's not a frost, but it does have the slightest bit of shimmer to it if you look really closely.  It applies and wears effortlessly, which can't be said for all bold reds.  All in all a winner, and at almost 40% off of retail to boot!
Chanel Rouge Coco - Gabrielle

**I *still* can't find the new Tom Ford lipsticks on eBay or anywhere, for that matter, below retail.  And at $45 a pop, I need to hold out for a deal!  If you can find me a deal on these, I will send you a pony.  Or even a unicorn. 


Rod Cruz said...

It is nice that people worry you might fall over. I worry that somebody might *push* you over so they can steal your shoes!

The Bagboy said...

Rod said it. Those shoes are the bees' knees.