19 October 2010

[bon voyage] puerto rico

I must have remained in vacation mode even after we got back - sorry for the nearly two week hiatus!  Our trip was beyond wonderful, and oh so relaxing.  Just what I needed.  We spent most of it on the beach, by the pool, wandering the streets of Old San Juan, eating delicious food, and lounging at the lovely El Convento where we got married.  If you're ever in San Juan, you seriously need to consider staying there.  It's beautiful, charming, romantic, and has an amazing history.  It's like staying in a different era, yet with all the luxuries of a modern boutique hotel.  I'm so glad we chose to stay there, since there was a lot I missed in the hubub of the wedding last year!

From here, I'll let the photos do the talking, starting with the view from our hotel room:

Garden in front of the hotel:

I met another expecting mama!

 At the pool at La Concha:

Parque de las Palomas (Pigeon Park) - we loved these little pigeon "garages":

Streets of Old San Juan

At the beach, and possibly my favorite shot of the bunch - Rod was jumping in the waves just as the Policia was cruising by!

More bonding with the natives - this guy loved garnish food from the pool bar!

*deep breath* I never thought I'd see the day I posted a swimsuit shot on here, but I really love this photo.  It stormed for a bit and then we got a rainbow:

Anniversary night - Rod wore his wedding duds (awww! sadly, wearing my dress was not an option :), and we ate at an amazing restaurant called Marmalade.  

On our final night, we took a walk down the lovely Paseo de la Princesa:

One last stroll through Old San Juan before we took off.  

Ahhh, I wish I could be back there right now.  Thanks for reliving our vacation with me!


The Bagboy said...

Ah man, your beautiful pics make me miss that place.

cassie @ hi sugarplum! said...

I'm so glad you guys had a great trip! Besides the wedding of course, I thought El Convento just made San Juan for us. Loved your pics...congrats on 1 year!!!


Rod Cruz said...

Erin was easily the best part about Puerto Rico. ;)