21 October 2010

[haute mama] w25d7 ~ she's a brick...house

So I'm definitely to the point where there's no mistaking my "condition" (I love that euphemism), which is pretty fun for me.  I've graduated from that 'is she pregnant or is she just packing it on' phase, and you wouldn't believe how many perfect strangers want to talk to me about being pregnant.  I've also been fortunate enough SO FAR to not have anyone make stupid, insensitive remarks (I'm bracing myself for the day that that happens...and I know it will).  People generally are just really excited about pregnant women and want to talk to you.  I like that.   

All that said, I think today's dress makes me look even pregnant-er than I am!  Which is just fine, I just didn't realize how mighty mighty I looked until I saw the pics.  In theory this is the perfect cut dress - it's not maternity, but it might as well be - but I think the length makes it a little (or a lot) "tent-y" with a bump.  It'd probably look sassier at knee length, pregnant or not.  Maybe one day I'll get it tailored, but for now, here it is, as-is:

dress: eight*sixty, tank: Liz Lange, bag: Hayden Harnett, shoes: Ciao Bella, necklace: Early Jewelry, earrings: Haute Hardware, scarf (on bag): Junko Koshino

I don't know if I can chalk this up to pregnancy or not, but I've developed a little bit of a lipstick obsession as of late.  Actually, I decided I prefer lipsticks to glosses about a year ago, but the sheer obsession has definitely heightened since becoming knocked up.  Lipstick still fits even when nothing else does, and it's cheaper than a  handbag.  In most cases.  Anyway, I figured why not highlight what I'm wearing on my lips as well?  Sometimes it's the most exciting part of my daily ensemble.

Today I'm wearing MAC Party Line from the Cremesheen collection.  It's a red-toned plum, and although it looks dark in the tube, it can be worn fairly sheer, or built up for a more vampy effect.  The Cremesheen formula is moisturizing and wears well - my morning application lasted me until lunch and still looked great. 

Not that I need to add to my lipstick want list, but I'm curious to know, what lipstick(s) are you loving currently?  


cassie @ hi sugarplum! said...

I still love me some gloss...but gloss with a big dose of bright color. I am Texan afterall.

Love that color on you (dress), agree shorter would be cute. But your shoes keep it sassy. And Love what's going on with your hairs...can we get a close-up/tutorial sometime?

and ps -- you and rod need to change your google/gmail/whatever it is so that bloggers can reply back to your comments. Right now it's 'no reply blogger.' I think it's just a box that needs to be check (that's what she said) on the settings page.

Rod Cruz said...

Cassie, she's stunning pretty much 24/7.

p.s. I have no idea where that 'no reply blogger' setting is. I've tried looking, but can't find it!