30 August 2010

[haute mama] w18d2

Another non-maternity maternity gem:  Maxi dresses.  I got this one last year for our wedding trip, and it's kind of working out perfectly for this stage in my pregnancy.  It's 100% cotton, which is crucial in this heat, and the empire waist leaves me just enough extra room.  It's got no stretch to it, so it may not make too far into the 3rd trimester, but it's so summery that I don't really need it to.  I love it right now!

I wore this on Saturday to hit a few thrift stores (found a fab $40 dresser that will become our changing table - more on that later), followed by dinner at one of my favorite Dallas restaurants, Hattie's.

I went closer to the tree for this last pic, but then didn't know how to pose.  Rod yelled, "Hug it!"  So I did.


dress: Old Navy, bag: Rebecca Minkoff, flip-flops: Old Navy, necklace: self-made, cuff:  Hi Fi Jewelry

27 August 2010

[haute mama] w17d7

For some reason I've been neglecting my Mexican pueblo dresses this summer, which is crazy because they're perfect as maternity wear.  I usually belt them for a little definition, but belting a bump is definitely a different ballgame.  You kind of have to go above, which doesn't exactly work with all belts.  I tried on about 5 different ones before I decided on this elastic vintage belt, which I think looks cute and also stretches with me - always a good thing.

I'm may have to figure out a different spot for morning pics - the sun was KILLING my eyes!  Sorry for all the squintage.

dress: La Mariposa in Dallas, belt: vintage via eBay, sandals: Boutique 9, earrings:  Forever21

I wore this yesterday and got mad compliments on it all day - I'll definitely have to wear this one and my black version a few more times before summer runs out.  Also, I don't know about you, but I normally can't change out of my work clothes fast enough when I get home.  But last night?  I popped off that belt and lounged in my dress all evening long.  It's basically the most comfortable article of clothing, ever.

Bring on week 18!

26 August 2010

oh hi. remember me?

I've never pretended to be a consistent blogger, but I think I've outdone myself this time.  The excuses are good this time, though, they really are!  First of all, Rod & I bought our first house together & moved back in June.  It's been equal parts exciting and exhausting getting everything in order, especially in this summer heat, but we're loving every second of it.

Aaaand the second great excuse?  We're expecting our first baby!!!  Yep, folks, come January we are going to be parents to a baby boy, and we couldn't be more thrilled.  The past 4+ months have been a bit of a whirlwind, getting used to this new chapter of our lives, starting all of the preparations, and trying to stay awake.  It's also been interesting dressing a figure which seems to change on the daily!  Which is part of the reason why I've finally gotten the motivation to return to my much-neglected blog:  Now that I'm starting to show, I figured why not share my growing waistline and adventures in maternity fashion with the world?  Plus, I know my family and friends who don't live near us will get a kick out of seeing me grow.  So without further ado, I give you my very first mama-to-be outfit of the day, week 17, day 6:

My bump is still a small speed bump at this point, although I know not for long!  As such, I'm trying to make as many things in my existing wardrobe work, as well as purchasing more generously cut non-maternity pieces that I can wear later on.  I have had to cave on pants and skirts, though.  With a couple of very rare exceptions, I was sized right out of my normal pants/jeans/skirts about a week ago.  This skirt was a good find at Motherhood Maternity - their quality tends to be a little iffy (LOTS of polyester), but I really like the cut and fit of this one, and it seems to be well made.  Oh, and it was $21.99.  Not bad for a basic black skirt, and I know I'll get a ton of wear out of this at work this fall & winter.

Throwing in a side note on the new house, this is our back yard!  Rod and my mom planted that flower bed right after we moved, and it makes me seriously happy.  We haven't done anything major back there this summer, but the flowers definitely prettied everything up for the time being. 

Outfit details:  top: Gap, skirt: Motherhood Maternity, shoes: Anne Klein, bag:  Handmaid by Michelle Frantz, necklace: Urban Outfitters

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more!  xoxo