27 August 2010

[haute mama] w17d7

For some reason I've been neglecting my Mexican pueblo dresses this summer, which is crazy because they're perfect as maternity wear.  I usually belt them for a little definition, but belting a bump is definitely a different ballgame.  You kind of have to go above, which doesn't exactly work with all belts.  I tried on about 5 different ones before I decided on this elastic vintage belt, which I think looks cute and also stretches with me - always a good thing.

I'm may have to figure out a different spot for morning pics - the sun was KILLING my eyes!  Sorry for all the squintage.

dress: La Mariposa in Dallas, belt: vintage via eBay, sandals: Boutique 9, earrings:  Forever21

I wore this yesterday and got mad compliments on it all day - I'll definitely have to wear this one and my black version a few more times before summer runs out.  Also, I don't know about you, but I normally can't change out of my work clothes fast enough when I get home.  But last night?  I popped off that belt and lounged in my dress all evening long.  It's basically the most comfortable article of clothing, ever.

Bring on week 18!


Rebecca said...

Hey, I know that dress! Lookin' good! (And congrats!)

Rod Cruz said...

Well, the good news is, summer probably won't run out for another 6 months :)