08 December 2009

oh hi, i'm hollywood steve...

...and you've caught me not wearing jeans and a t-shirt.**

My office is officially a business casual office, but we're also a small'ish sales office that for most intents & purposes is self-governed, so 90% of the time management decides to let us go casual. This is great for my laziness, but bad for the majority of my closet. Part of the reason I haven't posted an outfit in about a million years is because I've been in some variation of jeans & a tee/sweater/tee & cardigan combo. Not exciting. Today I decided to switch it up again in a green ombre Theory number:

dress & cardi: Theory, shoes: Givenchy, tights: Limited (I think? they are OLD)

**The title and first line of this post are a Yacht Rock reference. For those of you not familiar, click here immediately & prepare for your life to be changed for the better.

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