25 February 2010

best costume for the day ~ 2.25

Today's not terribly exciting ensemble:

sweater/tunic: Max Studio, jeans: M+O, boots: Kenneth Cole, cuff: flea market, earrings: Buffalo Exchange

In spite of this being NTE, I like it because a) it's comfortable as hell, and b) almost everything I'm wearing is really old.  I like it when I'm wearing something & it dawns on me that 'wow, I've had these boots for 8 years' (true story with these KCs).  I have plenty of trendy/throwaway things in my closet as well, but it's nice to realize I have pieces that have stood the test of time & were a good investment.  What oldies but goodies do you have in your closet?

In other news, tonight's outfit will be terribly exciting, because we're going out dancing.  And you always have to wear something exciting to da club.  Always.

I'M EXCITED AS HELL.  Stay tuned.

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Celine said...

Yes! This is so cute and can't wait to see tonight's outfit ;) I LOVE dancing so have lots and lots of fun!

Celine (and thanks for the nice comments on my blog!)