22 February 2010


My world screeched to a halt this morning, and it's all because of Anomaly Jewelry:

The Stan pendant kills me.

And on the back of all of them:

Anomaly, you complete me.
I have "Gotta Get You Into My Life" (Earth Wind & Fire version) looping through my head. I am a serious GG fan, and WILL find a way to make these mine. 

The Girls are available on her website (link above), and she's also on Etsy

I need a raise.


Anonymous said...

I seriouslywant that Sophia pendant! Have a good Dallas week!

Stephanie said...

NO WAY NO WAY! Best charms ever. Stan has got to be my favorite. Love the crown instead of the bad toupee. Okay wait - Sophia. Love Sophia. Hers is my favorite. Yeah. PICTURE IT! SICILY........