19 February 2010


My favorite show of all time** taught me that it's cheaper & easier just to buy stuff, but I will DIY 'til I die.  I got a truckload of studs yesterday from studsandspikes.com, and this was my first project:

This was my mama's clutch, and it's got some stories to tell.  There's a lot of wear to the leather and possibly some spots where drinks got spilled on it, but that makes me love it even more.  Two rows of gunmetal studs make me love it EVEN MORE still.
I'm heading out now to grab my stuff and head to Albuquerque to see my girl, Gail.  Gail, if you're reading, I may or may not have studs & practice bags in tow, so be prepared to bedazzle this weekend.  I think I'd get chucked off of the plane for bringing the awl, so I hope you have an ice pick (or something we can poke holes with). 

**Craft Corner Deathmatch.  Check out a few lone episodes on vimeo.com.  That's vimeo with an "m". 


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Hey Mama! By the time you read this you will be here! I think we have an awl, so that shouldn't be a problem. I'm ALL about tricking out some bags (or whatever!) with studs.