01 March 2010

sequins of events

Saturday was a night for celebration.  My friend Jenna got a new job, and my friend Bernadette had a birthday.  We went to one of my favorite Dallas restaurants, Cafe Izmir, to celebrate all of the above.  I wore a vintage fully beaded & sequined top I found at Buffalo Exchange in Albuquerque, for $12.  $12!  I love it. 
(omg, BLURRY...I am so over this camera.  sorry, people.)
I love the cut-away detail of the back of this top.  It's such a fantastic piece & in such great shape, that I'm still in disbelief about the price.  I had to replace like 6 beads, and that was it.  Otherwise it was PERFECT.
top: vintage, pants: F21, shoes: Dolce Vita, bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Great shots of great friends: 
(Rod looked so super cute in this Ben Sherman tie I got him awhile back...his idea to put on a tie <3)


Celine said...

You are seriously too cute. I can't believe you got that top for $12. It's amazing. Love the DV shoes too. And re: camera - I think I like to blame all ugly pictures of me on a "bad camera". It works. Try it. lol :)

Candycane said...

LOVE those shoes!!

CC xXx

Anonymous said...

Love the top that pops! So glad to see the ABQ-debuts! Good things happen when you visit here.