05 March 2010

forever plaid

I got this shirtdress yesterday & wanted to play around with it a bit before wearing it out.  I also should mention that I ran across a great execution of OTK socks by Hot Robot yesterday and was anxious to try my hand at them again.  I'm decidedly bad at OTK socks, and I don't really know that I've done them right this time either.  Perhaps the dress is a bit too long for starters.  Thoughts?
Next, I swapped out the self belt in favor of this thrifted patent belt. I think I like it better this way.
dress: Faded Glory, shoes: Dolce Vita, belt: thrifted

I'm new to the shirtdress arena, so any styling tips are appreciated.  My first instinct was to slap on my tooled brown leather belt & Frye boots, but I didn't want to go too western with this particular plaid. 

But all that aside, I love this dress.  I found it at Wal-Mart yesterday for $14, and it's a nice thick, soft cotton - not at all cheap-feeling.  They had it in a fantastic chambray as well, but not in my size...so I ordered it.  I can see myself wearing these a TON in the TX summer heat. 


Anonymous said...

you look great! the plaid and sock combo is so cute. i think it's nice that the hem of your dress is close to the top of the socks- makes them a little easier to wear. ~joelle

Work With What You've Got said...

I think the OTKs look great that way, they are going to feel weird I think, no matter what, until you get used to wearing them. They are an overtly sexy look, IMO.

I also really like it better with the thrifted belt.

And I ordered the black and the chambray. ;)

Allie said...

I've never been someone's outfit inspiration, thank you!! I feel so flattered ♥

I think the hem of your dress is perfectly ok. It helps steer clear from the school girl tendencies that OTK socks + plaid can sometimes give, no? Sometimes I feel that way when pairing short hemlines with high socks.

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

What a cute find! As for styling, if it is a bit cold you could put on a neutral cardi, sweater tights and the shoes you have on.