03 March 2010

best costume for the day ~ 3.3

Two things I'm wearing today are hand-me-downs from supa-fly friends of mine.  The blouse was given to me by Gail who purchased it last summer and never wore it.  She jumped on the bandwagon after seeing mine in cream/navy, but didn't really have much use for it in her wardrobe.  I was more than happy to take it off of her hands.
Also a hand-me-down, or more accurately a trade, are these fantastic shoes.  My friend Sarah and I have the same size feets, so we've done a couple of shoe trades of things we're sick of but that aren't ready for donating.  I love these Via Spiga peep toes that she gave me.  

A rare jacket shot with one of my favorite oldies but goodies - this Gap denim trench:

blouse: Wal-Mart, skirt: Martin + Osa, shoes: Via Spiga, trench: Gap, bag: Ananas

So folks, today marks the one year anniversary of Rod & I getting engaged.  He actually reminded ME last night...what a guy.  Anyway, even though we're an old married couple now, we're going to celebrate a bit by going to dinner.  I also picked up the following on the way home tonight - from the winery/castle where Rod axed me to marry him:
...and just because they were beautiful:
Yay, love.  


Celine said...

First of all I love this outfit - that blouse is so cute, as are the shoes. Second of all, my fiance and I got engaged a month ago so the engagement story makes me so happy! Congrats to you guys :) when did you actually get married?

Anonymous said...

I love that wine almost as much as the top on you! Tops to you!

haute hardware said...

Celine - thank you! We got married this past October. When's your big day??

G - thanks for making this outfit possible. And you'll be able to drink wine SOON, very soon. :D

clouds of tulle said...

Thanks for stopping by clouds of tulle!!

I love the color of that top! my favorite color is purple. =)