08 September 2009

the wal

Hope everyone's holiday was fantastic - we had a lovely time in Wisconsin with my family and friends. It was hard to come back, and even harder to get up for work today...bleh.

I had a helluva great score at Wal-Mart this weekend - two clearance swimsuits for $7 each, a sweet ruffle blouse from the Miley Cyrus line (don't judge), some Op shorts for Puerto Rico, and this blouse:
top: George (Wal-Mart), skirt: Mango, shoes: Bally, enamel cuff: Old Navy

This blouse comes in several other colors/patterns, and it took some restraint to not buy them all. At $12 I could've come away with one or two more, but in an effort to not overstuff my closet, I thought I'd stick with one for now. It really is a great buy, though, and looks spendier than it actually was. The ruffle detailing isn't popping all too well in the pics, but if you enlarge them you can see it a bit better.
One day I will get better at remembering to take detail shots.

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