09 September 2009

high/low: the birthday edition

So today's my birthday, y'all. So much has happened already, and it's only 10:15. Rod made me a kickass breakfast, played me a birthday slow jam that he wrote and recorded on the new T-Pain app, Ruby (one of my bunnies) came in for a birthday snuggle, and I've already gotten countless calls, e-cards and messages. I feel trés spéciale. Let's see, am I forgetting anything? Oh yes, I got YSL cage sandals (!!!):
I've been dying for these suckers since I first laid eyes on them, and by some stroke of luck (and a Barney's sale, and an extremely generous fiance), that dream became a reality.
It amuses me that I'm wearing them with the aforementioned Miley Cyrus Wal-Mart blouse. I love a good high/low combo, and I think YSL/Miley for Wal-Mart pretty much takes the cake.
I'm full of little sidebar comments today, but it's my birthday so I'm allowed. I realized that this Tahari skirt, my perfect, staple, fallback, basic black skirt is now way too big on me. It's a good problem to have, but still kind of a bummer. I've had it for years and years, so I may get it tailored or I may just replace it if I can find one just as perfect.

One more time for the cheap seats. **swoon**

shoes: YSL, top: Miley Cyrus for Wal-Mart, skirt: Tahari, bag: Hoakon/Helga (etsy), belt: Max Mara, shades: Dior, random silver cuffs/bracelets


PrettyBallerina said...

These shoes are awesome!

Penny said...

Happy Birthday!

Rod Cruz said...

OMG. She's a stunna!!

Anonymous said...

I think this makes my favorite post...high end with lower end fashion tied so nicely together for your 31st b-day!!!! Really love the shoe-pics as well...really gives a nice image of just how fabulous they are. Love,

Karen Chen-Manning said...

Those are hawt, Erin! Glad you've had a good birthday! :)

Carole said...

(Belated) Happy Birthday, dear. Ah, THOSE shoes. Just gorgeous. I waited too long (and totally cheaped out on them -- I wanted them at something less than half off) and missed the boat.


haute hardware said...

Thank you everyone!!

Carole - that is NOT cheaping out! There is no way they would be mine right now had they not been more than half off. I lucked out - I saw the cage booties on sale at the Dallas Barneys one weekend they were doing an additional 25% off of sale & had them search for the sandals in my size. There was one lone pair left in the whole country! It was meant to be. :)

Coco said...

You are so lucky!