18 September 2009

birthday part deux

I couldn't lay my birthday to rest without posting a few photos of our dinner at Abacus that night. It was our first time there, and everything was amazing. Like one-of-the-best-meals-I've-ever-had amazing. I was basically in a food-induced euphoric haze the entire time.

But before we move to the food, my ensemble of the evening - I swapped out the top & skirt in favor of this Martin + Osa dress & Banana Republic clutch:
This drink is called the Big Daddy (which reminds me of Blanche Devereaux's father on the Golden Girls. I'm sure that's why I ordered it.):
While we were still at the bar, the bartender brought us this delightful melange of Spanish tapas. From left to right you have olives & almonds, Serrano ham, pan con tomate, and croquettes. This got me both nostalgic for the year I spent in Spain, and excited for the trip we booked recently for this spring. Both Rod and I had enough airline miles to fly round-trip to Spain FOR FREE, so we're going for two weeks in April/May of next year - so. excited.And then there was dinner. Rod ordered filet, and I got the lemon sole, both of which were conveniently divided/presented in two pieces, so halfway through we made a switch. I love being able to try more than one thing at a great restaurant, and fortunately Rod is the same way.
Finally, this stupid good chocolate slab I had for dessert:This look on my face says it all!

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