04 September 2009

last hurrahs of summer

Summer is winding down, which is good for some reasons (no more gross, hot weather that makes you sweat immediately upon walking outside) and bad for others (weekends spent in the pool are numbered). Whichever way you cut it, I realized I need to hurry up and wear a handful of frocks that don't really translate to fall. This Old Navy number is one of them:
dress: Old Navy, shoes: Steve Madden, bag: Rebecca Minkoff, necklace: self-made, cuff: Craisfrod Leather (etsy)


myedit said...

Love the bag. I feel the same way about some dresses.... I hope there is still time. After a really crappy-weathered summer (?) there is a lot I never had a chance to wear:(

Work With What You've Got said...

That dress would totally translate to Fall with black tights, and a black turtleneck.