11 March 2010

best costume for the day ~ 3.11

One thing I enjoy about blogging outfits is it makes me give a damn about getting dressed.  This week my office declared jeans days on Thursday & Friday, and normally that would mean jeans + tee + cardi + Chucks, i.e. general laziness/boringness for me today.  And I still have those days, but when I ask myself "to photograph or not to photograph?" and the answer is "to photograph," I definitely hold myself to a higher standard. 

All that said, today's outfit isn't a HUGE departure from the aforementioned combo - don't get too excited - but it's ever-so-slightly more inspired. 

back-to-back Es:

jacket: Max Studio, tee: JCrew, jeans: Blank, bag: Marc Jacobs, flats, Miu Miu, jewelry: Anomaly*, Fleathers

*Y'all, I forgot to report that I GOT MY GOLDEN GIRLS NECKLACE.  After much agonizing over which Girl to get, I went with Sophia.  She makes me laugh the most on the show, by far.  I also got thise 2-finger ring that I've been admiring for months:
Karen is wicked talented (and sweet!) and will get all of my money eventually. 


Candycane said...

Sweet outfit - casual but still put together!


Celine said...

This is so cute and...you're smiling! Yes. I shall take credit for that. ;) Also, I love that 2-finger ring. I must have it.


Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Very cute! Love the pants!

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

This is a very cute outfit! Perfect for a laidback workday. You still stand out, but get to be fun as well!

Anonymous said...

Hi cutie! My hard drive crashed and I lost all my emails. I tried to email you yesterday from memory, but it failed. Shoot me an email so we can set something up.

And you look, as usual, adorable! Love your bangs...and I recognize those shooz...from Italy, yes?

xo, Cass

Anonymous said...

those black pants are perfect!! i love the subtle ankle zips. and the flats compliment them so well. this is a much nicer casual friday outfit than i usually wear- i need to step it up a little! ~joelle

myedit said...

Those pants are amazing and your jacket that cuts up is so flattering. You rock denim day at work!