03 November 2010

w27d6 ~ mama's got a brand new bag + jingle bash preview

I've been dying for JCrew's Exhibitor Pouchette since it was released several months ago, but was waiting for a sale.  Although JCrew likes to send me an e-mail about a sale or promotion every. single. day, this bag is still hanging out at full price.  So I turned to my good friend, eBay.  I found one in the Beechwood color I wanted for $125.  Not bad, so I bought it.  A couple days later I got the shipping confirmation from the seller, along with a note saying the bag was not up to snuff with their standards & they were discounting the bag by $50.  They didn't tell me exactly what was wrong with it, but they said if I was unhappy with it I could send it back.  A little crestfallen, I waited, expecting the bag to arrive with a giant hole in it or worse.  When I got it, there was basically a tiny mark on the bag (which could just be a variation in the leather), that's under the part that flaps over to boot.  In a nutshell, it's no big deal (I'll almost certainly get worse marks on it after carrying it awhile), AND it means my bag rang in at all of $75.  Score! 

Enough of my yammering.  Here it is in action:
I'm drawn more & more to small bags like this that I can wear cross-body.  They're awesome for shopping and errand-running, and they're also small enough to chuck into a diaper bag in the near future.

bag & cardigan: JCrew, top: Joie, jeans: Gap Maternity, oxfords: Uterque, necklaces: Haute Hardware

My necklace is actually a pile of 3 different necklaces, all of which will be available at the Jingle Bash.  So don't forget to come - November 20th at the Palladium. /plug  Anyway, I did really quick snaps of these pieces, so forgive the less-than-stellar photo quality. 

 antiqued gold-plated chain + citrine

 various brass chains

layered brass chains - gold toned


Rod Cruz said...

You forgot to mention that your new bag is conveniently sized for carrying a hamburger or two.

Stephanie said...

And some Tums <<<preggo's best weapon against, well, being pregnant

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!} said...

I love your new stuffs you're making...as in jewelry, not babies. Love the babies you're making too. Wait, that didn't sound right.