16 November 2010

[haute mama] w29d5 ~ cinnabun

First things first, have you entered the giveway yet?  If not, jump on it!  It's free jewelry, peeps!

I wanted to sneak in an outfit post this week, amongst the Etsy madness, and today's seemed like a good day for a couple of reasons:  1) My top is by fellow Etsy Dallas member, XY Factory, and 2) it was a present I got for my best friend Gail while she was pregnant, that she's sinced loaned back to me.  Here's a pic of Gail and her son Kenny, to give you a visual of these x-treme cuties:
Kenny is 5 months old, which will make him approximately 8 months older than our bebe...which is coincidentally exactly how far apart Gail & I are.  Poetic, non?  Now I just need to get them to move to Dallas so the boys can grow up together...

So.  Gail gave me a stack of great hand-me-down maternity tops when she was here a week ago, and I've been wearing something of hers almost daily.  Here's the aforementioned XY Factory skull top:

 tunic: XY Factory, jeans: Forever21, cardi: C&C California, glitter flats: Gap

I also attempted to get a close-up of my hair today, as I tried out a new bun style that I spotted on Second Star, which she tried thanks to this tutorial on The Daybook.  Now, thanks to my stick-straight, slippery mane, my bun didn't turn out as full our boufy as either of those lovely ladies', but I do like it anyway.  It also feels really secure (except for the million flyaways!). 
That's what I love about the blogsphere - there are so many good ideas out there on how to do just about anything.  And my hair actually wasn't the first thing I tried out from a blog this morning - upon waking up, I whipped up this Cinnamon Toast to Die For from some leftover French bread, thanks to Hello, Splendor.  It not only tastes to die for, but it makes your house smell to die for.  You should seriously try it out, but I warn you, you may not want to return to regular ol' cinnamon toast after you try this version!


Kellie said...

Yay, I love it, it looks great! Thanks for the shout out :P

That cinnamon toast really does look to die for...must try tomorrow morning!

Do you mind me asking what kind of blush you use? Your cheeks are the perfect shade of pink!


Rod Cruz said...

She almost slays me everytime she makes that Cinnamon Bread. It's ridiculously good-looking AND tasty.

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!} said...

thanks for the hair tutorial!!! and I can practically smell that cinnamon toast from here!

haute hardware said...

Kellie > I'm a big NARS devotee when it comes to blush - I'm wearing Desire in this post. Outlaw, Exhibit A and the famous Orgasm are other favorites o' mine.

Aspiring Kennedy said...

I am SO glad you liked my cinnamon toast recipe. Yay!! Well, the one I love from Pioneer Woman. :) Isn't is just so delish??