12 November 2010

[fiesta, forever] ain't no party like a blogger party: POST recap

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the POST Blogger Social, hosted by Beth of Hello, Splendor and Kelly of Fabulous K, pictured here in all their loveliness:

*photo by Kevin Dotolo*

The party was held at Nest, otherwise known as the reason I need a serious raise.  What I love most about this shop is that it's pretty much undefinable - I was expecting a space full of furniture and other home interior goodness, but that's just the beginning.  Nest also hosts a chic array of accessories, books, gourmet bites, bath & body items, stationary...the list goes on & on.  Here's a glimpse into this beautiful space:

It would probably easier to list what I didn't want from this shop, but here's a handful of what stood out to me in a major "I wawnt that" way:

Missoni Home (I think?) throw that would look ah-mazing pretty much anywhere in my house

Jonathan Adler Slipper Chairs for my orange-accented living room

Giant Zook for the baby room (he stands 3' tall!)

These fabulous Skull Harp Chairs redesigned by Nest Interior Design 

The other eye candy of this soiree?  The attendees, of course.  I met a bunch of great Dallas bloggers, and ran into a couple that I know & love:

Cassie of Hi Sugarplum *photo by Kevin Dotolo*

Last but not least?  There were cupcakes.  I'm not going to tell you how many I ate, but I will say that I'm now a total devotee of Citizen Sweet:
*photo by Kevin Dotolo - more party pics by this talented young man here*

It was a really great night!  Thanks again to Beth and Kelly for putting it all together.  When's the next one??


Rod Cruz said...

So, how do I get invited to this next year? I guess I could start a blog about how I only wear 3 pair of jeans throughout the year. That would be exciting.

The Bagboy said...

I still think I want to start a "fashion" blog wherein I display the myriad of t-shirts I wear. It would be the more boring and pointless fashion blog ever. We could join forces and lull the internet to sleep.

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!} said...

cute post!!!!