29 July 2009

haute chicks - love erin designs

Today's Haute Chick is my good friend Erin Johnson of Love Erin Designs. Not only does she have a great name, but she makes amazingly clever and fun jewelry that's simultaneously edgy and easy to wear. And did I mention she's beautiful and has great style? It's true - you can see for yourself on her blog, Work With What You've Got. All these things combined would kind of make you hate her a little bit if she weren't so damn cool. Which she is.

So as you can tell I love Erin, now let's let the designer herself tell you about Love Erin:

"I started out making jewelry for myself. I was frustrated with the lack of interesting and affordable jewelry created with quality materials. At the time there was no Etsy yet, and it seemed to me that all of the really clever pieces were way out of my price range. So I bought some pliers and some wire and beads and started making things for myself. As a result, my jewelry is always priced for the everyday girl. The girl who likes to be able to accessorize without breaking the bank, but who is not willing to sacrifice style for price.
"When I make a piece of jewelry, and then see that jewelry accenting someone else life, I cannot describe the thrill. I was once at a party, and a guest I didn’t know walked in wearing a piece I made, and I was so excited. I walked right up to her and said “I made that!”. And then I made a friend! I've also seen pictures of people at parties, or on holidays wearing my things and it just really excites me.
"I really believe in the handmade movement and for every dollar I make at Etsy, I put as much back into Etsy as I can. I get supplies there, as well as jewelry handmade by other artists (Haute Hardware is a favorite of mine!), clothes, handbags and more. I love that for the most part Etsy sellers tend to have good feedback. It’s not just a shopping destination, it’s a community. "

peruvian opal hoops, $20

Thank you Erin for sharing your story, and for spreading the Etsy love!


Rod Cruz said...

I'm a huge fan of Erin's jewelry as well... Thanks for giving her a shout-out!!

Alannah said...

Me too! It was so fun to read your feature on her!