16 July 2009

haute chicks - eve m. metalsmith

On any given day I am probably wearing at least one thing from Etsy (or in today's case, five things). I'm a huge fan of that site on every level - I've had a lot of success as a seller, and I could shop on there for hours on end. The variety of talent never ceases to amaze me - I've bought everything from art, to clothing, to jewelry, to vintage, to a jackalope decal for my car. I'm pretty sure you can get just about anything on Etsy, and in doing so you're supporting independent artists. Everyone's a winner.

So today I'm proud to launch a new article on my blog called Haute Chicks, which will feature a different kick-ass Etsy seller each week. And they may not all be chicks, mind you, but everyone I have lined up for the first weeks just happens to be.

This week's Haute Chick is the talented and fabulous Esther Eve of Eve M. Metalsmith. Eve is a fellow member of Etsy Dallas, and I had the opportunity to meet and chat with her at a show that we both did this summer. Her gorgeous work speaks for itself, but what's equally amazing is the passion that she has for her craft. Here she talks about how she got started doing what she does:

"When I was a little girl, I would wander about and collect rocks and keep them in my pockets...nothing much has changed really, except now I understand what to do with them.

I have always been fascinated with metal, and its cold, sharp hardness. About two years ago I decided to further my knowledge and take a beginning silversmithing class at my local Craft Guild of Dallas. Since then I have collected tools and created my own homely studio at my residence. I love to mix incredible stones with gorgeous sterling silver, the combinations are endless, and also to experiment with new techniques such as electroforming, and etching. I carry a sketch book with me at all times, as I am constantly inspired and moved to creativity by many things evident in nature.

Ultimately, I am living my dream of doing something I love...working with my hands and having the ability to expend my creativity into something that others can enjoy and love for years to come! "

Some photos of her work - for the full collection, visit her Etsy shop (I mean it - go there NOW).

Anthrozoa 002, $83

Ailiette 007, $82

Flame Licked 001, $65

I've got two of Eve's pieces (Bitten earrings and Flame Licked necklace) and counting, and not only does she make me want to spend all my dough in her shop, but she really inspires me as a jewelry artist. And she happens to be wicked fun to hang out with, which never hurts.

That concludes this week's episode of Haute Chicks. Tune in next week to read about another craft-tacular gal!!


Alannah said...

Wow, those are fantastic pieces! I'm so glad you are doing this Haute Chicks series!

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