21 July 2009


Some recent frocks - this first one is a vintage find from eBay, and it used to have long sleeves. They were made of a thin, almost paper-like fabric, and because it was old & brittle it kept splitting in various places. So it actually sat in my closet for ages, until I finally took it to the tailor to have the sleeves removed. Et voila:
dress: vintage/eBay, bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs, shield necklace: Haute Hardware (will post this style to the shop this week), shades: Laura Biagiotti, flips: Old Navy
Today I'm wearing this Mara Hoffman dress. The only thing I don't love about it is the fact that I need to pin it in front for work. It tends to migrate scandalously low, which is not really the vibe I'm going for in the office. I guess it's not horrible, but I hate how you can just *tell* when a wrap dress is pinned. It messes with the lines. But anyway...
(My photographer and soul mate, Rod, pointed out how excellent the skirt looked in this photo. His fashion observations always crack me up a little bit...but are usually spot-on. :)
dress: Mara Hoffman, shoes: Frye, bag: Elliot Lucca, necklace: Early Jewelry


Alannah said...

I love it that Rod (and Nathan, for that matter) is into fashion & has opinions about how things look! My husband couldn't care less, which is fine but I'd LOVE it if he had opinions!

I agree about pinning a wrap dress (I always have to do that), but it still looks fantastic on you!

Penny said...

I really do love how both these dresses look on you.

Carole said...

Both of these are terrific looks. The first one especially makes my heart sing -- I love the embroidery.

BTW, I appreciate you coming by and commenting on my MTM post -- it *is* a great show, isn't it? You can catch the first 3 seasons on hulu.com.


p.s., Congrats on M&O!

Rod Cruz said...

I wouldn't say I'm into fashion, I just know when she looks good. ;)