03 December 2010

[adventures in domesticity] if we took a holiday...

Rod & I bought our first home this year, and I'm not a good candidate for travel right now...which means we get to do all of the holidays at our house this year.  While my energy levels are waning a bit, I'm still up for the challenge (especially since I have an Extremely Helpful Husband and family members to do some of the legwork).

Thanksgiving was the kickoff to holiday season at Casa Cruz, and although we were a small group (Rod & I + mom- & sis-in-law) we still did it up right, food-wise.  I'll just say we're still working on leftovers a week later.  Here's me posing, er, at work in the kitchen:

(Week 31 day 1 for those keeping track!)

In keeping with the Thanksgiving Fiesta™ theme of my sugar skull apron, I decided to go with a bright, cheery theme for the table.  Not very fall-like at all, but hey, these fresh flowers were still going strong & I had placemats to match.

My in-laws were awesome enough to bring all of the sides and veggies, while I tackled my first turkey, sausage, apple, and cranberry stuffing...
...and my mom's famous raspberry pie

The table again, loaded up and ready to go, along with 3 of the 4 chefs, ready to dig in!

Is anyone else getting hungry right now?!

After we plowed through insane amounts of food, we plowed through the Black Friday ads since Rod was determined to get in on that action this year.  I've never been one for the BF hoopla, but the Michael's ad caught my eye this year, AND they were starting their deals Thanksgiving night.  No getting up at 3 a.m.  So we ventured out to get some things for the tree, and also came away with some festive flair for our mantle:

I spotted this mirror on a previous trip to Michael's, but the $120 pricetag gave me minor sticker shock.  All the combined Black Friday deals brought it down to $50, so into our cart it went!  The mirror isn't so much a holiday-only decoration, but I do love how it looks with the pinecone vase, gold glittery sticks/birds/candleholders, and the tin impression of El Convento that my mom got us in Puerto Rico.  There's sort of a Silver & Gold thing going on [cue Burl Ives]. 

Full effect with fireplace - I love that it's finally fireplace weather, by the by:

I've been adding more holiday accents this week that I'll photograph, including our tree!  I can hardly believe we have it up already...I think it's safe to say my nesting instinct has kicked in in full force.  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!} said...

I'm starving now! I love that mirror...I've been oogling it for awhile too! Great coupon combining!

Rod Cruz said...

I kind of want to do that all over again. Like, today.