07 December 2010

[haute mama] w32d1 ~ over the knee & through the woods

I truly didn't think that over-the-knee boots were something I'd be trying whilst pregnant, but in the end I was lured in.  In general I prefer a flat OTK boot to avoid any potential Pretty Woman implications, and that just happens to work out a lot better for me these days in the comfort department.  I think I've been wearing heels about once every two weeks, at best...and my feets and calves aren't very happy with me when I do.  I wore a mere 2.5" heel to work last week because some sweet co-workers threw me a shower & I wanted to look fancy, and then I got a debilitating leg cramp on the way home (yes, while driving...fun).    But anyway, these Steven boots are actually easy to get on (also important) as well as comfortable, so they work.  And keep me from feeling like a total schlump these final months.

 Layered up with a vintage swing coat that I've had for a few years.  It happens to be a pretty fab maternity winter coat (for Texas winter...it only has 3/4 sleeves but is otherwise relatively warm), and I'm glad to not have to buy one:
boots: Steven, jeans: Loved, sweater: Max Studio, tank: Liz Lange, coat: vintage, bag: Rachel Nasvik, necklace: Haute Hardware

Necklace close-up - I'm still all smitten with this piece from the Jingle Bash!

Last but not least, I'm also wearing a new Chanel Rouge Coco that I splurged on during a mini-post-Bash-spree.  The shade is Rivoli which is a dark berry red that can be applied relatively sheer for daytime and vamped up for night.  I love it.


The Bagboy said...

You're the cutest. You're giving me a real appreciation for fancy boots.

Rod Cruz said...

She makes those boots look fancy. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit and the boots! Who needs heels with boots like that? love the tank, too!