14 December 2010

ready for my close-up

Thanksgiving weekend my friend & favoritest photographer, Ange Fitzgerald, was in town, and was able to steal away from her family for a bit to do some maternity photos for us.  I love every last one of them & wanted to share a few of my favorites here.

We couldn't forget about our current babies, so Ange did a series of shots with the buns!  It was hard to keep them from tearing around the yard, but we managed to do it.

Transporting them from the photo shoot.  They all look so thrilled right here!

Ange is so talented, and I'm so happy she was able to squeeze us in (and on short notice).  Thanks again, lady! 


Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!} said...

You guys look amazing!! and love how she shot everything. Bebeh will be in your arms and not your belly very soon!!!

Rod Cruz said...

I just can't believe how stunning you are. Seriously.

p.s. I threw my back out when picking up those bunnies. :)

The Bagboy said...

All of these are absolutely beautiful. I particularly like the one of you alone by the water, and the one right after of you and Rod walking hand in hand and gazing at one another. Ye gods, the love in that picture is inspiring.

The Zhush said...

Such great shots..you will surely treasure these always! New here...off to explore your etsy shop!