13 August 2009

this list is a list of the things i like

I am a lazy git and haven't been taking pictures. Even when I wear something neat. Like yesterday, I wore a kick ass new pair of Givenchy heels that I scored at DSW for 80% off, and I didn't bother taking their picture. That is borderline new shoe abuse. One day I will change my wicked ways, but until then, I'll attempt to entertain you with a bunch of Etsy stuff I saw today
that floats my boat.

I have a pyramid stud obsession, and so does HeistJewelry. This ring in particular makes me lose my shit a little bit:
Pyramid Stud Knuckle Ring, $85

Cuffs are my favorite, and this one by LoveAtFirstBlush is MAJOR. Just look at it!
Leather Love Cuff, $65

I'm not sure what I'd do with this cage skirt by iheartnorwegianwood, but that doesn't stop me from wanting one.

The Cage Skirt, $110

A favorite of mine, HoakonHelga, has a new'ish clutch style I've been ogling every time I hop on Etsy (so, every day). I need to buy it already (esp. at this price), but people keep buying the black ones out from under me. That's what I get for waiting.

Upcycled Leather Bow Clutch, $32

I am starting to obsess about our wedding just a little bit. I'm far from a crazy bride, but I am a girl after all, and it's now less than 2 months away. I got it in my head today that I still need a cake topper ('though would anyone really notice if the cake wasn't topped?), and this one is pretty rad. Plus, it pays homage to our four rabbits that won't be present on the big day. By melabo.

I also wholeheartedly support any artist that creates this, and calls it "Fantasy Wife":

Fantasy Wife, $40

Finally, I did pull the trigger on one of the 8,273 things that I looked at today. I ordered this necklace by GemsByEm, but monogram (3 initial) style...with my NEW INITIALS. See, I told you I'm a big ol' girl. And I won't lie, I'm pretty excited about marrying Rod.

14kt Gold-Filled Keepsake Necklace, $45

So there you go. On a totally unrelated note, there's less than one shopping month left until my birthday. I'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

If anyone could wear a cage skirt, it's you! And that rabbit topper is genius!

xo, txshpr

Anonymous said...

tim and eric?

molly lolly lolly said...

EJ, i am insanely horny for that stud knuckle ring... i might have to get it. oh dear.

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