06 August 2009

double your fun

My super cute co-worker friend Caitlyn got some adorable Tory Burch topsider heels about a month ago, and I swooned over them each time she wore them. Around the third or fourth time they made an appearance, I started feeling like I needed to have my own pair. I looked them up on the TB site, and they had been marked WAY down, so that was it for me. I asked her permish to get the exact same shoes as her, she said she didn't care. So I ordered them.

I decided to wear them today, and I *briefly* thought about texting Caitlyn to see if she was wearing hers. It's her birthday (HAPPY B-DAY!), and I really didn't want to ruin her day by stealing her shoe thunder. But we're both shoe whores with a LOT of shoes in our respective arsenals, so I figured the chances were slim. I was wrong:
Not only are we in the same shoes, but we're basically wearing the same outfit. This would mortify some people, but I think it's kind of hilarious. Fortunately so does Caitlyn. We even went to DSW together over lunch, like a couple of Doublemint freaks! We resisted the urge to skip around the store, arm in arm. Here they are up close:
Last but certainly not least, I promised my friend Bill I would accessorize with a new keychain that I won at his Dave & Busters birthday party this weekend, and I like to keep my promises. You can't see it, but it is in fact a Dr. Fart keychain, complete with six different fart sounds. Most of them don't sound a whole lot like farts, but it's still pretty much the funniest thing ever. And yes, I am doing a fart pose for authenticity's sake. I am a true lady.

shirt: Love by Ya Ya, jeans: Yanuk, shoes: Tory Burch, bag: Reggio Veneziano, earrings: self-made, shades: Ray Ban, bracelets: Craisfrod Leather and Love Erin (both Etsy), Dr. Fart keychain: Dave & Busters


The Bagboy said...

There IS a God.

Work With What You've Got said...

Wearing the same outfit as a friend on purpose or not, is pretty much my favorite thing ever. See Cabo photos for proof. You guys looks adorable.

myedit said...

You guys look cute! And the shoes are awesome, so I'm glad you bought them too but as a true friend, you asked permission first! :)

Rosa said...

those shoes are adorable!