28 September 2010

[haute mama] w22 ~ 1...2...3...repeater

I only got to wear last week's purple Gap dress for a matter of hours to Sarah's party, so I repeated it yesterday for work.  I'll admit to doing this fairly regularly when I'm excited about an outfit or particular article of clothing, especially if I'm seeing different people on different days.  Provided I haven't spilled anything on myself.  Normally I wouldn't take a new set of photos of the same outfit, but something magical happened in ye olde Texas this weekend - fall started to make an appearance.  And I like seeing how people style the same article of clothing in different ways, so I give you the Gap dress, a few degrees colder and a few days more pregnant (w22d4):

I also got an unusually high number of compliments on this color combo yesterday, which motivated me to photograph it again.  I've always liked purple & yellow together, and I really love this bright purple with the mustard cardi.
And don't our hibiscus plants look lovely?? 
dress: Gap Maternity, cardi: JCrew, shoes: Calvin Klein, bag: Rebecca Minkoff, necklace: gift from Rod

Today's post will be a double feature, so let's rewind it back to last Friday, i.e. week 22, day 1.  I promised separates this week, and separates you will get.  This isn't a terribly exciting ensemble, but it is a good representation of my more day-to-day maternity wardrobe when I'm not being all fancy in a dress. 
Skinny jeans? Check. T-shirt? Check. Accessories? Check.  If I had to define my uniform (pregnant or not), this would have to be it.

My favorite part of this ensemble?  The shoes, which I bought myself for my birthday this year after some diligent stalking at my local DSW (80% off, yo - it was worth it):
jeans: Loved by Heidi Klum, tee: Gap Maternity, shoes: Miu Miu, scarf: Old Navy, bag: Rebecca Minkoff, cuff bracelet: street vendor


cassie @ hi sugarplum! said...

There is some real baby bump going on now! so cute!!!

xo, cass

Rod Cruz said...

Cassie, I tell her than on a daily basis. :)

M.J. said...

Love love love how the jeans/scarf/tee/heels look! It's very Jessica Alba (a compliment of the highest order). That Heidi Klum maybe knows what she's talking about after all.

The Bagboy said...

Such a pretty and happy mama.