23 September 2010

[haute mama] w21d6 ~ mind the gap

As far as actual maternity clothing goes, Gap's offering has been my favorite by a landslide.  It's well made, their styles are cute and relatively on trend, and it's not terribly expensive either, especially if you hit a good sale.  I was eyeing up this dress earlier in the summer, but passed on it at full price.  However, last night when I spotted one lone electric purple beauty on the clearance rack, in my size, marked down to $14.97, I couldn't help myself.
The jersey is nice & thick, so I think this will transition nicely into fall with tights & a cardigan or jacket.
dress: Gap Maternity, necklace: Kohl's, shoes: Ciao Bella, bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

I wore this last night to my friend Sarah's leaving-her-old-job-for-a-much-awesomer-one party (congrats again!).  It was a good evening with good peeps, and the bar, City Tavern, even had a good non-alcoholic beer (Beck's).  I discovered a few weeks ago that I actually enjoy NA beer, but it's surprisingly hard to find, both when you're out & about and even in some liquor stores.  I mean, I'm sure it's not the most popular item in these establishments, but this gal sure appreciates when it is available.  It does the trick when yet another Sprite sounds about as exciting as watching grass grow.


Sarah said...

Yay! Thank you for coming out and driving me home. And that dress was pretty sweet.

Rod Cruz said...

Um... I actually LIKE watching grass grow!

You looked magnificent, btw :)