16 September 2010

[haute mama] w20d6 ~ layer cake

My friend Julia recommended this Target dress to me, as she thought it had great maternity potential, and she was totally right.  I think I need to shorten the straps a little bit because it sits scandalously low when I don't have anything layered underneath.  But I do like it with this tee for the time being:
A lot of the reviews on this dress complained about the length being too long, but I think it's perfect.  It also gives me some room to grow, as my hemlines start to creep up in the front. 

Yay for bumps!

The morning sun finally got to me...*squints*

dress:  Mossimo, tee: American Apparel, shoes: Givenchy, necklace: Kohl's, earrings:  Michelle Chang

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MrsKatherineA said...

Very VERY cute bump style! That is a great dress, congratulations on your pregnancy!