21 April 2009

Naughty Nautical

Okay, naughty may be pushing it, but whenever I think nautical I think of this pair of earrings I made a few years ago that my friend Erin & her hubby dubbed "The Naughty Nauticals." I finally ended up giving them to her, and she blogged about it recently on her fab site, Work With What You've Got.

I had a big sewing extravaganza last night & made a skirt with sailboats for my friend Kelly on MakeupAlley as well as a yellow seersucker clutch for my friend Carol. As a result, I was feeling very summery and nautical when I got dressed today. Oh, and I did watch Gossip Girl as well last night, which probably influenced this look as well (which Rod pointed out this morning!).

jacket: Isaac Mizrahi for Tar-jay, yellow top: Anne Klein, seersucker pants: Gap, shoes: Talbots, bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Let's talk about the bag a little bit - it was my first purchase from one of the online sample sale sites that I get 52 e-mails from on the daily. I finally fell prey a little over a week ago when Gilt had a Rebecca Minkoff sale. I love the full-size Morning After bag that Rod got me for my b-day 2 years ago, and I'm actually really pleased with the mini version. It's not all that mini, so it still fits all my stuffs with some room to spare. Plus I've been looking for the perfect navy bag for ages, so it wasn't super hard to justify. Here's a stock pic to see the detailing a bit better:

I've been really drawn to quilted leather lately, and I like how this one has quilted accents but is otherwise solid. The overall effect is really stunning & chic, and I feel like a million bucks carrying it. The sign of a good handbag.


Work With What You've Got said...

Very pretty! I can't BELIEVE you didn't have a navy bag, you're so NAVY. You're like the spokesperson for navy.

Anonymous said...

Nice review on the bag! love your outfit!
xo - txs

haute hardware said...

LOL Erin - I've had a couple in the past that I've eventually sold because they weren't THE navy bag I wanted. But you're right, it is weird that I made it this far without a Holy Grail navy bag. :)

chrystalyn said...

dang lady! you're so freakin' cute! congrats on engagement too! i still remember meeting you @ urban bazaar chatting to rod about hot cocoa and chatting about how seriously cold it was in the morning. i'm subscribing to the blog. ps, are you on kaboodle? you'd have the time of your life there. you can post all the "what i'm wearing" photos. do it!