18 January 2011

stalking success

Remember how I cursed Anthropologie for their overpriced drawer pulls in my last post?  I take it all back - the very ones I've been eyeing for months went on sale for $2.95 (from $10 a pop)!  I'm so glad I held out all the times that I nearly caved & bought them at full price.

Won't these look perfect on our blue dresser/changing table?

Sorry for my harsh words, Anthropologie, let's be friends, 'k?


Tara Lauren said...

That's a deal! Sometimes I find them overpriced too!

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Kellie said...

Yay, love when that happens! Those are going to look perfect.

Rod Cruz said...

It just didn't seem right that the knobs (at full price) would have cost more than the furniture they were going to be put on. They're going to rock!