09 January 2011

should auld acquaintance be forgot

Is it too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year?  We're only 9 days in, so I think I'm okay.  I hope you all had great holidays and are recovered from all of the festivities & excitement.  There was no travel for yours truly, so we had our first Christmas in the new home.  My parents flew in from the Great White North of Wisconsin, and we did a lot of eating, relaxing and working on the nursery (post to come!).  We also threw a little soiree for New Year's Eve and my mom's birthday:
 Me 'n' the tree...36 weeks!

Cute, cute parents.  Happy Birthday to Jean!

 Sarah of Badder Homes and her festive frock & self-made tiara.

 Sarah's awesome mini-pie maker, a very important guest at the party.

 Great pic of Bill.  He needs to write a novel & put this on the back cover.

 Dad & I stationed by the food. 

 Me & my boo.

El Bebe's first New Year's kiss from grandma at midnight.

All of these photos are from our amazing new camera, courtesy of my parents for Christmas.  We're still plugging our way through all the bells & whistles (i.e. Rod is reading every single page of the manual and giving me the highlights I'll be most likely to remember/use), and will hopefully be pros by the time el bebe makes his arrival.  It's less than 3 weeks away at this point...I can hardly believe it.  

Happy 2011, y'all!  Stay tuned for a nursery tour later this week.


Kristi said...

Erin you look absolutely gorgeous! Uncle Jim and Aunt Jean are lookin' pretty good, too!

Anonymous said...

What is Sarah doing tomorrow?

Rod Cruz said...

I can't believe we had that many beautiful people in our house. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???