24 February 2009

last day!

Today is the last day before Rod & I go to Italy - I am crazy with excitement! Unfortch I have to be at work today, but I really love my ensemble. I made this skirt last night (when I should've been packing) with this awesome clearance fabric I found - only $3/yard. The whole outfit feels very schoolgirl, but in a good way.

skirt: Haute Hardware, cardi: AA, ruffle top: Club Monaco, boots: Frye, necklace: Early Jewelry, earrings: Michelle Chang

This will be my last post for a couple of weeks, but I'll have tons of pics to share when I get back. Ciao, bellas!


shopaholic said...

That skirt is so cute! I love the little horses on the fabric. It gives it a cute prep-school/equestrian vibe.

I borrowed my MILs sewing machine weeks ago with the intention of learning how to sew. I'm sad to say that it's been gathering dust... but you are inspiring me to finally get to the fabric store!

Alannah said...

Have fun in Italy! I can only imagine what fantastic things you'll find there--hope to see some of them on your blog!

Work With What You've Got said...

I know you are back, and I bet you are dressed too!~


I just like lookin at cha.