17 December 2008

clutches and stingrays and whales, oh my!

I still can't stop sewing, although I had to make myself in order to get some jewelry and Etsy'ing done this week. I made two more of the pleated hobos, one for Erin J (she liked my pattern I came up with...yay!), and another for my mom. I'd already made my mom a bag for Christmas with another pattern, but I like the pleated hobo much better (AND I came up with the pattern myself, unlike the other one). I'll probably keep the first for myself or find another home for it. I also made this clutch, which I'm quite smitten with:
Here's a pic of it on me, worn crossbody with the chain strap (which can be tucked into the bag to carry it as a clutch). Please do ignore my outfit/hair/bare face and focus on the lovely bag. I look like I'd been sewing for a million hours straight, which is pretty much accurate.It's inspired by the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After clutch, which I've been eyeing up for-ev-er but have never felt like shelling out $350 for. Mine isn't quite as luxe, but it did come out nicely and will tide me over. For now. I hesitate to post the original since it makes my bag look less nice (leather ALWAYS trumps fabric), but here it is anyway:

I got some new jewelry supplies this week & was inspired to put together a few things today. It's all on my Etsy site, but here are some highlights:

Brass stingray+ blue goldstone + white coral on 14kt gold-filled chain. I've been looking for a cute stingray charm for a LONG time.

Brass whale + freshwater pearl + lapis on 14kt gold filled chain. Preppy yet fierce.


Alannah said...

Hi there!

I've been enjoying my necklace very much & I'm glad to see you have a blog--you seem to be quite good at sewing already! I hope you'll add purses to your Etsy store eventually too.

Take care!

Work With What You've Got said...

I happen to know that you have made something and/or gotten dressed since the 17th.

Post more and entertain the masses baby.